2022 by Sydney based arts editor and writer Victoria Hynes for Artist Profile

2022    Artist Gina Kalabishis’ new exhibition, Memento – Pictures of You by Iris Papathanasiou, journalist, Neos Kosmos.

2021   The Flying Gardeners by Sophie Cunningham, non-fiction writer and novelist

2018   Bundanon Floor to Sky by Dr Ryan Jefferies, Head of Programs, Science Gallery Melbourne, University of Melbourne

2017   Native, Art and Design with Australian Plants, Chapter: Strange Blooms, Kate Herd and Jela Ivankovic-Waters

2017   Romancing the skull, Art Gallery of Ballarat, Julie McLaren

2016   You and Me by Melanie Caple, Flinders lane Gallery 

2016   Arete by Bruce Copland, Curator

2015   Heartland by Simon Gregg, Curator Gippsland Art Gallery

2015   Gina Kalabishis, Heartland by Anita Traynor Fine Art Consultant

2014   Emerging in a ghostly form by Ashleigh Wilson, The Australian

2014   Compelling Pastels, Space Around the galleries, The Age

2014   Gina Kalabishis wins prize for drawing, The Sydney Morning Herald

2014   Kalabishis takes out Rick Amor Prize by Penny Pappas, Neos Kosmos

2014   Gina Kalabishis Wins $12,000 Rick Amor Drawing Prize 2014 by Nicholas Forrest, Blouin Artinfo

2014   Winner of Rick Amor Drawing Prize by Gina Fairley, ArtsHub

2014   2014 Rick Amor Drawing Prize Winner Announced, Art Almanac

2014   Top prize for teacher, Stonnington Leader

2013   ACMD Art Prize–bringing science and art together, The Font, Sept issue

2012   We are here by Joanna Gould (Catalogue)

2012   Comics and the Graphic Novel:an interview with cartoonist Bernard Caleo by David Manjra [The milkmag, Gippsland]

2012   Ikebana and associated works by Monica Cronin and Beth Humphries [review]

2011   Imperfect Bloom by Hamish Coates [Catalogue]

2011   Gina Kalabishis Artist Statement by Ron Southern, Historian

2010   An Epic declaration of a better zoi by Kirsten Rann [Artist statement]

1996   Questions of Heritage and Aesthetics by Freda Freiberg [The Age]